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Given that people usually sleep in the same area of the mattress every night, it is normal for the foams to compress more in that area, creating a body impression. Not only are body impressions normal, they are clinically proven to support proper spinal alignment and provide the pressure relief needed for a restful nights sleep. Many people will mistake their body impression for a defect, or sagging. Sagging occurs when the body impression exceeds 2" as a result of a defective innerspring or foundation. Sag 84437638e2ccf52b66a072491aeadb364d31c89d286366b3b8671fc152d53ff5

  1. Step 1

    Lay mattress flat. Preferably on the floor if possible.
  2. Step 2

    Place a yardstick or pull string tight across the impression(s). Usually this is the hip area. 1 1b1bbaf1fd7d2e2478086a28239b0aec72cbb055bdf68c4366621a0ecbe63d79
  3. Step 3

    Using a ruler, measure the depth of the impression from the deepest part of the mattress surface to the edge of the yardstick/string. An image of this is required. 2 005fc0a479939faded229cacaa90f35890bcda2f708399a987838874f7d6e5ab
  4. Step 3 (continued)

    Measure from the center of the padded area of quilting, not the seams of the quilting threads, to ensure that measurements will be accurate. 3 b10a3886aea715e0cd9ab5ec3e77c1ae95c32b9ccc25ad80d85430e41a32bea2
  5. Step 4

    A close up image of the measuring tool is required. Tool 2ff7c5e15a2e5a209dbc313969f35705efc2c75c07ae84afd0606ddd195a1ab3
  6. Step 5

    Measure your box spring/foundation in the same manner listed above. An image of this is required. 5 de87f90537659d736ac0d18ddd2a098df644221529e0801c31df02026c7e2f19

Upload Images

Images other than the primary issue that must be included are:

  1. Full mattress

    Must show entire mattress. Mattress fdfe3ec4b75afc49cf05f594b391c5a9c74bf02880c7c30f7affd5c65c7d11ec
  2. Bed frame

    Must show center support. Frame 584b959b5faccd9faa1a6a591a121488dec57950b9fd7a9d35f67125ece99c3d
  3. Law tag & store receipt

    Proof that customer is the original purchaser. Tag 257edf6ee61e0224a13935f681628f7e5bf03225f7472f1dd96662a4cd686bda

It seems that you've selected "Sagging" as one of the problems you're experiencing with your mattress. Please review the instructions above for additional required images.

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