Symbol Response Comfort

Symbol Response Comfort

  • Foundation:
    Premium High Profile Foundation with Waterfall Upholstery
    Symbol Response Comfort Embroidered on Foundation
  • Size Options:
    Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King
  • Warranty:
    10 Year Non- Prorated Warranty (see Warranty)


  • Premium Quilted Bamboo Viscose/ Poly Blend Circular Knit Cover
  • Eco Conscious Memory Foam
  • HD Poly Base Support Foam

Premium All Foam Mattress

Our memory foam formula is designed to breathe better and to support your muscles and joints after a long day, so you can stay comfortable all night long. The Symbol Response series is made of all memory foam which allows the bed to conform to your body shape and weight, producing your ideal sleeping environment.

The Symbol Response utilizes our Eco Conscious Memory Foam formula. This value model performs great and will satisfy today’s environmentally friendly and value sensible consumers.

Comparison Chart

Symbol Response Comfort Symbol Response Comfort Plus Symbol Response Elegance
Premium Quilted Bamboo Visco Cover
Eco Conscious Memory Foam
HD Poly Base Support Foam
Reduced Motion Transfer
Quilted Memory Foam
Air Infused Memory Foam

Features & Benefits:

  • Premium Bamboo Viscose Circular Knit Cover provides better breathability for a more comfortable sleep temperature than most memory foams.
  • Utilizing natural castor bean oil we are able to make foam that is a little friendlier on earth.

  • Our base foam is constructed of high quality support foam which provides resilient support and maintains the structural integrity of the mattress.
  • A single layer of Eco Conscious Memory Foam laminated with water based glue to a base layer of high-density polyurethane.

  • Memory Foam molds to your body which allows the pressure to spread over a greater portion of your body’s surface therefore relieving stress from your pressure points which creates a more restful sleep and reduced tossing and turning.
  • Motion transfer is drastically reduced in a Memory Foam mattress because it absorbs the movement without affecting other parts of the mattress, eliminating partner disturbance.